Mission critical communications

for government emergencies enterprise marine off-road

Dive into the next-generation future of communications technology. We design and develop custom hardware and software solutions to enable the success of your mission, wherever it may be

What we do

Keeping You Connected, Anywhere

Whether you're on the fireline, at sea, or racing across the desert, our innovative solutions keep your team connected


Dive into the future of RoIP, Starlink, and cellular with our custom battle-tested hardware products


Explore our cutting-edge software, from asset tracking, to IAP management, to digital IRPGs


Specializing in federal, state, and local incident support with a proven track record on the largest Type 1 incidents

We are there for you, when you need it most


Innovative Software Products

A suite of powerful software capabilities that enable safe and data-driven decision making in the harshest conditions

LocateAnywhere Asset Tracking

Custom asset and resource tracking platform that enables powerful intelligence capabilities to command staff on incidents of any scale

Digital IRPG

A fully digital 2022 edition IRPG with advanced features to improve safety and efficacy on the fireline, including full-text search and bookmarks


Incident Support Services

Our team is available and ready 24/7 to deploy to your incident of any Type and Complexity, anywhere in the country

Harness the power of satellite internet to connect emergency workers

High-speed satellite-based internet, no matter where resources are assigned. We enable data-rich incident management, regardless of power or cellular availability

Next-generation RoIP repeaters

LMR, without the need for line-of-sight. Our custom next-generation system enables lightning-fast deployment, and linked coyotes, spikes, FOBs, ICPs, and RADOs

High-performance Wi-Fi

We deploy enterprise-grade gigabit Wi-Fi to FOBs and ICPs to provide high-speed internet for all IMT units. Our on-site technicians are available to support ITSS in the trailers and in the field

Need to get in touch?

Contact us 24/7 to request incident support services, or additional information about how Twisted Kelp can support your mission.