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As large scale emergency incident management has become extremely data-centric, operating without reliable connectivity is no longer acceptable. From web-based check-in for resources, to GIS, FBAN/IMET modeling, IR flights, IAP creation, and more, the incident command structure requires connectivity, even in the most rural and digitally challenging environments.
Reliable communications is the cornerstone of safe and effective incident management.
However, the reality of challenging terrain and vegetation means that no matter how many repeaters are put up, there are still significant holes in radio coverage that compromise incident safety.

Satellite connectivity that fills gaps no matter where resources are assigned. Deployed within 24 hours for mission-critical applications.

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ICP & remote camp internet

The ICP Total Connectivity Package enhances ITSS' product as it utilizes and load balances any available signal, including high-speed Ku band satellite, 3G, 4G, LTE, and 5G, and broadcasts it through an enterprise carrier-grade PtMP wireless network throughout the entire ICP, no matter how spread out or varied the terrain may be. Even the furthest trailer is connected wirelessly to the same high-speed backbone network, enabling fast LAN data transfers and shared printers.

The ICP Total Connectivity Package was designed to provide ICP with best available internet, regardless of location challenges.

Mobile & vehicle connectivity

The Field Satellite Connectivity Package enhances the communication unit’s product by providing high-speed data, phone, and SMS capabilities for ICs, Ops, and DIVS vehicles, no matter where they are on the incident, enabling prompt communications with forces, supervisors, and adjoining forces.

The Field Satellite Connectivity Package was designed to provide command vehicles (typically IC and Field Ops) with high-speed data capabilities, and leadership vehicles (typically Division Supervisors) with phone and SMS functionalities, anywhere on the incident to ensure constant communication capabilities at all times.

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Twisted Kelp is your remote connectivity solution

13x Faster

High-speed Ku-band VSAT satellite equipment means that Twisted Kelp can provide up to 13x faster internet download speeds compared to VIPR solicitation requirements

100% Coverage

Utilizing the newest Iridium Certus network of 66 cross-linked LEO satellites launched in 2019 means that Twisted Kelp can provide 100% coverage with the fastest mobile data rates.

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